We created The Pregnancy Lab as an expression of our belief that there is so much more we can give an expecting mum than 2 scans, 10 antenatal appointments and a 3-hour antenatal class. We know how frustrating it is to hear the nurse say “oh, that’s normal” when sciatic pain makes sitting and sleeping nearly impossible. So we have spent years helping you overcome aches, pains and emotional bumps along the road to parenthood. We are passionate about giving women a natural, safe and effective treatment option that makes a real difference to their lives when you need it the most.


As remedial soft tissue therapists we are used to being amazed by the body’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances, but pregnancy is by far the most extreme adaptive ability one can ever witness or experience. This human skill comes with equally extreme challenges for the soft tissues and organs that carry, and sustain the developing foetus. We are a highly trained and passionate team of remedial soft tissue therapists who have dedicated years to training, learning and improving how to best assist your physical and emotional body throughout this exceptional process.


Is it difficult to take time off work to fit your massage treatment in? No problem, we work around your schedule. We are open early, close late and massage at weekends. Even better: we share our diary online with you, just pick a time that suits you and book it online.