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I love blending approaches depending on the person in front of me. Just as we are all unique, each massage should be a bespoke experience. The techniques I combine include deep tissue, soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release and relaxation massage connected to breath work.

I have a particular interest in the connection between diaphragm and pelvic floor function, as well as stress. I study how those are related, how they can affect digestion, low level inflammation and other chronic symptoms that our clients often report.

My aim is to provide a holistic experience that recognises the connection between habits, lifestyle, mental health and common orthopaedic conditions. The effect of my treatments is long-lasting wellbeing, ease of movement and breath, reduced pain and discomfort and a better understanding of how you can care for your unique body and mind.


I started contemporary dance at the age of 6 with the Martha Graham method in Italy. I practiced Mat Pilates and Feldenkrais from a very young age, and throughout my performing career, to support both my professional and personal needs. As I live with scoliosis and hypermobility syndrome, contemporary dance and Pilates helped to ward off back pain and promote elegant ageing.

After practising Pilates for years, I started teaching it to the public. This is where I discovered a passion for the mechanics of the human body and the connection between lifestyle, everyday stress and chronic pain. My curiosity for anatomy and physiology set me on the road of becoming a Soft Tissue Therapist. My journey continues as I keep learning about the intricacies and genius of the human body.


BTEC5 in Soft Tissue Therapy, NLSSM

Performing arts HND


Level 3 Mat Pilates, Future Fit

Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions, Future Fit

Reformer Pilates, Ten Health and Fitness

Pre and Postnatal Support with Exercise and Nutrition, Active IQ

Aerial Yoga, Circus Fit

Aerial Pilates, Circus Fit

Aerial conditioning, Circus Fit

Professional Membership

The Association for Soft Tissue Therapists

I am qualified and insured for

Sports and Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage


I live in a 150-year-old boat, and I love the sea. I am a big fan of animals and learn from observing how they move.

I keep supple and strong with callisthenics and aerial training.

In my spare time I explore art and the art of movement.