Lunchtime Yoga class? Here it is!

Can’t find a convenient lunch-time yoga class?

Well here is one, brand-new, courtesy of the lovely people at the London Dance Academy: every Tuesday from 1-2pm!

Should you be doing it?

We certainly think so, but only if you feel comfortable and have no complications during your pregnancy.

What will it do for you?

To keep it brief, here is which part of you will be thanking you:

  • your breath and parasympathetic nervous system – Oooom your way though labour!
  • your posture: happier low back and shoulders
  • your pelvic floor –  your future continence and sexual health is on the line. Just that.
  • your hips – does this need explaining?
  • … and your FEET – think about the effect of the added weight and pressure on those little soldiers!

If you are in any doubt – consult your GP. Always stay in tune with your own body and do not push yourself beyond what FEELS GOOD TO YOU!




10th April 2017